Learning about your illness and your options is extremely important. Free cancer resources are available in the library areas located within our lobbies. Pamphlets in the libraries address diagnosis education and community resources. Common websites used by WMCC staff and survivors include:

General Cancer Resources: Phone Number Website
American Cancer Society 800-227-2345 www.cancer.org
American Institute for Cancer Research 800-843-8114 www.aicr.org
American Society for Radiation Oncology-ASTRO 800-962-7876 www.rtanswers.org
CanCare 888-461-0028 www.cancare.org
Cancer and Careers www.cancerandcareers.org
CancerCare ($) 800-813-4673 www.cancercare.org
Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition www.cancerFAC.org
Cancer Hope Network 800-552-4366 www.cancerhopenetwork.org
Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) 866-843-2572 www.CancerLegalResourceCenter.org
Cancer.Net 888-651-3038 www.cancer.net
Cancer Really Sucks 319-393-9681 www.cancerreallysucks.org
Cancer Research Institute 800-992-2623 www.cancerresearch.org
The Cancer Support Community (Wellness Community) 888-793-9355 www.cancersupportcommunity.org
Commission on Cancer 312-202-5085 www.facs.org/cancer/
Fertile Hope 866-965-7205 www.fertilehope.org
FERTLine (fertility info from the Oncofertility Consortium) 866-708-3378 www.oncofertility.northwestern.edu
First Descents: Adventures for Cancer Patients (Free, ages 18-39) www.FirstDescents.org
Hope For Two: The pregnant with cancer network 800-743-4471 www.pregnantwithcancer.org
Imerman Angels 877-274-5529 www.imermanangels.org
Joe’s House 877-563-7468 info@joeshouse.org
Livestrong 866-673-7205 www.livestrong.org
My Onco Fertility http://myoncofertility.org/
National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses 800-542-9730 www.nahhh.org
National Cancer Institute 800-422-6237 www.cancer.gov
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine 888-644-6226 www.nccam.nih.gov
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship 888-650-9127 www.canceradvocacy.org
Nat’l Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) 215-690-0300 www.nccn.org
Nat’l Lymphedema Network 800-541-3259 www.lymphnet.org
OncoLink.org www.oncolink.org
OverNite Male: Sperm Banking by Air 888-586-3389 www.overnitemalekit.com
Patient Access Network (pan foundation) 866-316-7263 www.panfoundation.org
Patient Advocate Foundation 800-532-5274 www.patientadvocate.org
People Living With Cancer (PLWC) 888-651-3038 www.PLWC.org
Planet Cancer 512-452-9010 www.planetcancer.org
R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation 800-433-0464 www.blochcancer.org
Reprotech- fertility http://reprotech.com/
SaveMyFertility.org www.savemyfertility.org
Stupid Cancer http://stupidcancer.com
The Wellness Community 888-793-9355 www.thewellnesscommunity.org
Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults 888-393-3863 www.ulmanfund.org
Vital Options International 818-508-5657 www.vitaloptions.org
Young Survival Coalition 1-877-972-1011 www.youngsurvival.org

Quit Smoking – End Tobacco Use – Free Help



American Cancer Society



Michigan Tobaccco Quit Line

Other Resources

Basic Needs

Housing, shelter, food, and income are also challenges of many cancer patients. Call your local United Way by dialing 2-1-1 from any landline to connect with an operator who will assist you in accessing resources in your area.

Medical Marijuana

Michigan law allows marijuana use for specific medical conditions. Inquiries regarding marijuana use need to be discussed with your doctor. Details and forms can be found at the Michigan Department of Community Health Website.