Certain blood cancer patients treated at WMCC are now able to take part in clinical trials offered by the renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as a result of a new collaboration.

WMCC is one of 12 oncology practices nationwide to join a consortium with Boston-based Dana-Farber, a stand-alone hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School. The new Blood Cancer Research Partnership (BCRP) provides innovative clinical trials to patients closer to their home.  Funding is being provided by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

“Most clinical trials are initiated at academic institutions located far away from the community”, said Don Park, MD PhD, a WMCC Hematologist/Medical Oncologist. “By offering these clinical trials here, patients locally can potentially benefit from novel treatments which are created as a result of Dana-Farber’s world-class research”.

Through the partnership, WMCC has two new clinical trials open and available to blood cancer patients.  “One of the clinical trials, now available locally, is a new treatment for patients whose cancers have become resistant to standard drugs”, said Dr. Park. “This specific trial gives these patients—whose treatments options have become limited or even exhausted—hope.  WMCC is excited to connect patients with these novel therapies as early as academic institutes are able to do”, he added.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is investing more than $1million in the three-year Blood Cancer Research Project.