You may have recently heard news regarding changes planned for West Michigan Cancer Center & Institute for Blood Disorders (WMCC).  With this article, we hope to clarify the news and explain what patients and caregivers can anticipate moving forward.

Our partner hospitals—Borgess and Bronson—have created a plan to strengthen the delivery of cancer care in the communities we serve.  To accomplish this goal, they are moving medical oncology and infusion services to our partner hospitals by January 2021.  Since the full transition will not occur for more than two years, patients currently undergoing treatment will not experience any changes or disruption of care.  WMCC will continue to provide you with excellent care and customer service you have come to expect.

What this means for medical oncology and infusion services

When medical oncology and infusion services move to our partner hospitals, the benefit to you, the patient, will begin to take shape.  There will be better care coordination between your medical oncology providers and other members of your care team.  This includes your primary care physician and specialists.  Your providers will be able to communicate with each other more easily.  For example, information in your personal electronic health record will be integrated and easier to access in a central location by all members of your care team, within the health system of your choosing.

What this means for radiation, surgical & gynecologic oncology services

If you currently receive radiation, surgery or gynecologic oncology services at WMCC, your care will continue as usual.  All of these services will remain at WMCC.  Both hospitals are steadfast in their partnership with WMCC to provide and grow these services at the current site.  One example of their firm commitment to center’s future and the community is the installation this past spring of a new, multi-million dollar radiation treatment machine.

Communication during the transition

Once the changes begin to take place, we will make sure to keep you and your family informed.  We will provide plenty of notice well in advance of changes involving medical oncology and infusion services.  You can count on us to make sure any changes we make are in the interest of improving care coordination and services you receive from us.