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myWMCCWest Michigan Cancer Center & Institute for Blood Disorders builds on the strength of the bond between physicians and patients. Because the Center offers everything your cancer patients need in one conveniently located, easy-to-get-to location in downtown Kalamazoo, you remain actively involved in their treatment.

Area physicians who have placed patients in our care have been very pleased; not only with how we treat patients, but also with how we treat physicians.

In an effort to simplify and speed up the referral process, we have implemented a new fax referral procedure. Please fill out this referral form, attach all requested documentation and fax to the number at the top of the form.

Please note:  To make an appointment for the new patient, we will contact the patient with the first available time;  however, we cannot secure the appointment date / time until we speak with the patient. It is important that the patient call us back as soon as possible to schedule the consult appointment. Once we confirm an appointment date / time with the patient, we will send the patient a New Patient Information Packet with details of the appointment and a map with directions to our facility.  We will also notify you of the appointment date and time along with the name of the physician who will see the patient.

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