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For certain cancers and bleeding disorders, the transition from diagnosis to a comprehensive treatment plan has never been faster.

West Michigan Cancer Center & Institute for Blood Disorders has established two specialty clinics—the Breast Cancer Clinic and the Hemophilia Clinic—in an effort to treat patients more quickly and efficiently. After just a single meeting with our team, each patient leaves with a comprehensive treatment plan that can be acted upon immediately.  We also provide second opinion consultations for patients from other treatment facilities.

Clinics provide every patient with:

  • A complete and all-encompassing review of their medical records prior to the initial consultation to assure an efficient, cost-effective visit. The expertise of the multi-disciplinary team results in consensus treatment decisions.
  • Multi-disciplinary, coordinated clinic care in which any additional tests and consultations are scheduled on the day of consultation whenever possible.
  • Complete consultation and information sharing with the primary care/referring physician.
  • Reports to the referring physician, usually within 72 hours of the visit.
  • Comprehensive education materials.
  • An opportunity to meet with a social worker and dietitian to discuss concerns or special needs.
  • Access to educational support groups.
  • Access to clinical trials through the Cancer Research Consortium of West Michigan (CRCWM), a member of the National Cancer Institute Clinical Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

WMCC Specialty Clinics

To make an appointment for the Breast Clinic, you must have a diagnosis of breast cancer and a referral from your surgeon.  Referrals should be faxed to 269-373-7431.

For more information about the Hemophilia Clinic, call 269-373-7479 or toll free at 800-949-4366.