West Michigan Cancer Center & Institute for Blood Disorders is committed to providing comprehensive services to our patients to encompass all of their needs. Listed below are complimentary services to assist you and your loved ones.

Disease Information Resources

Free resources are available throughout our center. Pamphlets in our libraries address diagnosis education, community resources, financial assistance, coping, and education for children and more.

Counseling Services

Our licensed medical social workers are available to facilitate brief, illness-related counseling as well as provide referrals to licensed psychologists for appointments outside WMCC.

Financial Counseling

Call 269-373-0130 to speak to the WMCC financial counselor regarding:

  • Medicaid application and process
  • Medicare questions and concerns
  • Insurance authorizations
  • Medication/financial assistance
  • Social Security income and disability concerns
  • Billing assistance, please call our main telephone number 269-382-2500, and ask for billing.

Medical Social Work

Call 269-373-7446, 269-384-8629, or 269-384-8686 for a WMCC licensed social worker regarding:

  • Community resources
  • Counseling resources
  • Crisis intervention
  • Coping and adjustment to treatment
  • Employment rights
  • End of life issues
  • Grief and loss, mental health concerns
  • Housing
  • Medical travel concerns/lodging
  • Medical Durable Power of Attorney
  • Support groups
  • Transportation
  • Talking to loved ones and children
  • Please click here for a list of community counseling resources.

Nutrition Services

WMCC employs registered dietitians who provide complimentary nutrition counseling, upon physician referral, to WMCC patients by appointment. Call 269-373-0109 or 269-384-8678 for more information.

Transportation Assistance

  • American Cancer Society Road to Recovery: A limited number of American Cancer Society volunteers  are available to assist patients who are having difficultly finding transportation to or from cancer treatment. This service is free of cost. Patients need to be able to transfer in and out of a car, and function independently to utilize this service. Call 1-800-ACS-2345 for further information or visit www.cancer.org. PLEASE NOTE: You received a request for Patient Service Referral for the American Cancer Society in your new patient packet mailing. WMCC staff will assist you in completing and submitting to the American Cancer Society. The clinical social worker at the WMCC can also assist in a referral.
  • Senior Services: Call 269-382-0515 for further information.
  • Shepherd’s Center of Greater Kalamazoo: Transportation assistance for senior citizens who are Kalamazoo residents may be available. Please call: 269-383-1122
  • Kalamazoo County Connect: Call 269-350-2970. There is a small fee associated with this service.
  • Medicaid: If you are a Medicaid recipient, you are able to utilize their services for transportation to and from cancer related appointments. Call your Medicaid worker or the national number on the back of your card.

Wellness Programming (on hold during COVID-19 Health Crisis)

Wellness classes are free of charge for patients and their caregivers. For further information, call: 269-373-0109 or email wellness@wmcc.org

  • Exercise Classes
    • Survivorcise
    • LIVESTRONG at the YMCA
  • Tobacco cessation resources in the community

Volunteer Services

We offer a wide variety of volunteer supported services at WMCC. For further information, click here or call the Volunteer Coordinator at 269-373-7434 or email volunteer@wmcc.org.