If you or your loved one has been informed by your WMCC physician that hospice services are the next step in your care plan, the WMCC team will assist you in attaining these services. The physician will write the order for hospice care based on the specific criteria needed. The physician’s nurse coordinator will assist in contacting a hospice provider to meet with you and your family to discuss the services they can provide. Contact your physician’s nurse coordinator at WMCC for further assistance.  There are two forms of hospice care:

Visiting Nurse Hospice Care

This hospice care is provided where the patient is living: at home, in a family member or friend’s home, or in a facility such as a nursing home or adult foster care. The nurses, social worker, and other health care providers visit periodically based on need of care.

Residential Hospice Care

This hospice care is provided in a hospice facility. The patient moves into the facility, and the staff at the facility is able to care for the patient, sometimes with outside agencies and family members assisting.