Planned Gift

Make a lasting impact.

A planned gift makes it possible for you to achieve your personal financial goals while still making a substantial donation to benefit the center. Some planned gifts provide life income, making them attractive income supplements. Other planned gifts can minimize estate taxes, with assets first providing support for WMCC and the specified remainder going to family members. There are many planned giving options. The most common method is giving a specific dollar amount or percentage of your assets through a beneficiary designation in your will or trust. You should choose a giving method that makes the most sense to you and your financial or legal advisor.

Examples of ways to make a planned gift: bequest in will or codicil, charitable gift annuity, charitable lead trust, charitable remainder annuity trust, charitable remainder unitrust, gifts of securities, pooled income fund, real estate, and retirement plan beneficiary. For more information, please contact your financial or legal advisor.

WMCC, in collaboration with the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, has created an endowment fund to ensure our long-term viability and growth. Your gift to the WMCC Endowment Fund helps ensure quality treatment and care will be available to your family, friends, and neighbors for generations to come. For more information, contact the WMCC Development Director at 269.373.0129.

WMCC, and its officers and employees, are not engaged in rendering legal or tax advice. The information included on this website is provided for general information only. If you wish to make a planned gift, consult with your legal or tax advisers for the latest applicable laws.